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K is For Kiss Goodnight Cover art by Michael Hays ©2010

Jill Sardegna is the author of The Encyclopedia of Blindness and Vision Impairment; One Way or Another: A Guide to Independence for the Visually Impaired; The Roly-Poly Spider, a book for children, and two plays. She lives with her husband, Jack, and daughter, Emily, in San Jose, California.

K is for Kiss Goodnight
A Bedtime Alphabet

by Jill Sardegna
illustrated by Michael Hays

Doubleday 1994

A all ready for bed
B breathing deep and slow
C clock ticking quietly
D dreams forming in my head

This cozy and reassuring bedtime story introduces young children to the alphabet while taking toddlers through their nighttime routines.

K is For Kiss Goodnight art by Michael Hays ©2010