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A Birthday for Blue Cover art by Michael Hays ©2010

While on the long journey west to a new home on the frontier, when their family had no where to shop for presents and no way to throw a party for school mates and friends, Blue's father finds a way to commemorate his seven-year-old son's birthday.

A Birthday for Blue

by Kerry Raines Lydon
illustrated by Michael Hays

Albert Whitman & Company 1989

They would follow the path, as they had for many days.
They were moving to a new home, far across the mountains.
With Father in front, the heavy covered wagon
rolled slowly along the Cumberland Road.
The oxen were strong. Little Ness watched them pull
as she snuggled safely at Mother's side.
The old cow Annabelle lumbered behind.

Will and Ben and Mary walked barefoot,
climbing the road of dirt and rock.
Blue walked with them.
Today he stepped proudly.
Today Blue was seven years old...

A Birthday for Blue art by Michael Hays ©2010