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Make Abiyoyo into your own giant character!

We want you to create your own version of Abiyoyo. Reimagine the giant in your own way. Make the giant Abiyoyo into your own original character. Make sure your Abiyoyo is scary. Well, maybe not too scary. It's really up to you!

Change whatever parts of the story you want. Retell the story in your own way. Change the look of all the characters. Change the location where the story takes place. How about your home town! Change the character of the child in your story. In your story, YOU can be the child who saves the day! Tell us what happens–when you meet Abiyoyo. Make the story all your own.

Begin to tell your version of the story in words or just draw a picture.

Kids share their drawings and paintings on Abiyoyo Story Arts.

Abiyoyo by Katie Abiyoyo by Katie, Mrs. Broman's class, Three Oaks School, Cary, IL 1996

Abiyoyo fan art Abiyoyo by a student, St. Matthew School, Glendale Heights, IL

Abiyoyo by Jimmy Abiyoyo by Jimmy, Kaneland McDole Elementary School, Mongomery, IL 2011

Abiyoyo fan art Abiyoyo by a student in Ms. Smallwood's class, Berkley, CA 2012

Abiyoyo by Alex Abiyoyo Alex Burks, 2nd grade, John Laidlaw School, Western Springs, IL 1995

Abiyoyo by Annie Abiyoyo by Annie, Field Park School, Western Springs, IL

Abiyoyo by Maggie Abiyoyo by Maggie, Ms. Gongaware's class 1995

Kids act out the story of Abiyoyo »

Pete Seeger

Introducing storyteller Pete Seeger to Abiyoyo fans. Sing together, work together to make a better world. Abiyoyo comes to America in a song book from South Africa. Pete Seeger performs songs and tells stories. The story of how you overcome a scary giant.

Abiyoyo Artist
Michael Hays

Children's book illustrator Michael Hays introduces himself to Abiyoyo fans, shares work with Pete on their Abiyoyo picture book. More picture books by Pete Seeger and Michael Hays and lots more of Michael’s illustrated picture books.

Your Own Giant Story

Kids draw and paint Abiyoyo. Kids act out the story of Abiyoyo. Kids ask questions about the scary giant. Kids make up their own stories. Older kids begin to ask bigger questions about Abiyoyo. Share your story ideas.

Abiyoyo Story Arts

A fan page for librarians, teachers and students; editors and art directors of picture books and YA; collectors of children's book original art; art and design faculty, staff and admins; children’s book sellers; children's authors, parents and kid fans!

Abiyoyo illustrator Michael Hays brings his Abiyoyo Story Arts program to school classrooms and libraries. Ask for more info!


"I'm a digital artist, interactive designer and children's illustrator. I teach BFA Illustration and Design students at Columbia College Chicago. Together we can present a K-12 book illustration workshop or young author event at your neighborhood school!" –M.H.